15 Sep Are your peeps on Twitter?

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Every marketer knows that each social network comes with its own demographic. Twitter, for example, skews to be a little older, and is dominantly female (images courtesy of AdWeek): There’s plenty more demographic data where that came from, but what none of them will tell you is, is your audience on Twitter? Unless your demographic […]

26 Mar Social Media Management services: get your personal Twitter ninja, powered by @6Builder!

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I’m now offering my personal services to new clients who want to turbo-charge their Twitter ROI. I’ve  been doing this with a closed set of clients  for a while now, and the positive feedback I’ve received has made it clear there is a real demand for the results I deliver. These are some of the […]

15 Mar Why Organic Reach On Facebook Is Crashing To Zero, And What You Can Do About It

Please comment via twitter:  @6Builder Recently, @Ogilvy published Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach I’m sure that many of you are wondering why organic reach is going the way of the Dodo. The impulse is to assume that they are simply doing what businesses do: maximizing their advertising revenue at the […]

05 Dec If you can’t see the ball, maybe you hit it out of the park.

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It’s been said more than once in many different ways. Such advice is what drives the entrepreneur forward, and is ultimately what separates the successful from the roadkill. By definition, a successful start-up has founders who did not quit. Synchronicity is interesting. I’d been thinking about this adage “When you’re ready to quit, you’re almost […]

11 Sep Now Seeking Partnerships (the beta was a success)

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It’s exciting times here at 6builder! We are now seeking partnerships with agencies and independent content managers, because we’ve proven the business value of 6builder, and we want you to be the first to profit from it by using 6builder to manage the Twitter accounts of your clients. 6builder gives you key advantages over your […]

07 Apr Fixed authentication, other news

Hi all! 2013 is off to a great start. 6builder keeps growing, and things keep changing. Twitter recently changed the way they handle user authentication, which broke the 6builder log-in. It took me a while to figure out exactly how to fix it…nothing is ever as simple as it seems! Anyway, it’s fixed now. Plus, […]

24 Jan All kinds of great news!

The last month has been the craziest month yet since starting 6Builder…where do I begin? – We now have a beautiful new website for 6builder.com, including a new logo. It was designed by Scott Leuthold of LaunchSync. Thanks Scott! – We’ve given the product UI a facelift to be more in alignment with the new website […]

26 Oct New co-founder at 6Builder!

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It’s been a while since I checked in here, and so much has happened in the meantime! The biggest news is, I’ve added Eliot Kent-Uritam to the 6Builder team as a co-founder. Eliot comes with 13 years of experience at MediaSmith. I had been looking for a co-founder for a while, and if you’e ever […]

27 Jun Check in for June 27-July 3, 2012

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My focus this week continues to be on making it easy for new users to create a new account and get going. I have literally hundreds of users on my waiting list, and I’ve been unable to sign them up because, so far, it has required individual instruction to get the user up and running. […]

22 Jun Meeting With Alex Cavoulacos

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A few weeks ago I reached out to Alex Cavoulacos, one of the founders of The Daily Muse. I’m not sure how I became aware of her in the first place. However that came about, when I saw her bio I was intrigued: Yale grad, former McKinsey management consultant, Y Combinator grad, and one of Inc’s 2012 […]